Pillow Talk

My latest obsession with pillows started after a recent trip to Pier 1.There were so many cool pillows to choose from – pillows with ruffles, pillows made of unique fabrics and pillows with bright, bold colors. I was immediately drawn to these pillows:


I was shopping with one of my sisters, so I held up a pillow and asked her our standard question, “How much would you pay for this?” She said $25 and I said $20. After checking the price tag and seeing it was over $30, I did my usual “I wonder if I can find this cheaper somewhere else?” and “Maybe I could make this myself?”

I contemplated purchasing one of the pillows but ultimately I decided I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. When I got home I went online and found a few more pillows I liked, but I still couldn’t commit.

That’s when I found this great pillow tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, Cluck Cluck Sew. I’ve wanted to start sewing and my Mom, who is an avid quilter, said she had an old machine she would give me. So after a two hour shopping spree at JoAnn’s with my Mom, I tackled the tutorial. I didn’t stray from the colors, because I really wanted to focus on the technique.

So here is the pillow I made:


Not horrible when you compare it (from a distance) to the pillow from the tutorial:


I had a good laugh because in the tutorial she said it took her ½ hour to make the pillow and it took me 5 hours!!! I’m glad my Mom left after she helped me wind the bobbin  because she would’ve laughed at how slow I was sewing. Not to mention, she would have been horrified by my sewing technique… especially near the end when I started to get really lazy.

As long as people don’t look too close, I’m happy to show off my new pillow. I do have to say, though, that after this I don’t think that $30 for a pillow is too much!

Now that I’ve gotten this pattern down, I’m going to play around with different fabrics and colors. I might also attempt variations of these pillows from Anthropologie, which I love, but they retail for over $100!!


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