New Entryway Table

Our new entryway table arrived today and I couldn’t put it together fast enough!


 Just to rewind a little bit, I’ve been looking for the perfect table for our entryway for awhile now.  Here are my inspiration pictures:


Ultimately, I started to lean more towards the look on the right, with the mirror, console table and stools. Although I love the photo wall on the left (in fact I plan to do something similar on a different wall in our house) I think a large mirror is better for our entryway because it makes the space look bigger. I also like the idea of storing extra seats under the table because when we have family over we can use any extra seats we can get. I especially love the burlap Stephanie (You Paid More Than Me) used on the stools in the photo on the right. She made them herself! So of course I’ve already gone on ebay, bid on a $9.99 burlap sack and draped it over one of our leather cubes to see how it looks.


It obviously looks a little rough right now, but I think I like it. I will definitely need some help with the upholstering once I finally get to this project… any takers?

Once I knew I wanted a table that would allow for stools/seats to be stored under it, my options were limited. Here is the table I found at Pottery Barn that I really like, but it is $399!


Those stools would be perfect too, but they are an additional $189 a piece! Once again, I couldn’t justify spending that much money. But lo and behold, with a little searching online, I was able to find this very similar table at Overstock for $116.99… with only $2.95 for shipping! The dimensions are exactly the same. What a deal!


So the new table arrived today and I really like it! We got the mirror above the table for only $55 at Target. Now we just have to add some decorations to the table. I’m thinking an Easter/Spring look would be nice.

Any bets on how soon our 2 year-old runs into the corner of the table?

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