Table for 8

Our big project right now is our kitchen table. We went to a couple of furniture stores in the area and, of course, we couldn’t find a table we loved. A colleague of mine tipped me off to Scott’s Rustic Furniture and we fell in love with the look of his tables. We were close to making a purchase, but Matt was able to score some free maple and mahogany so we decided we Matt would try to make the table ourselves himself. Here are a few tables we liked from Scott’s Rustic Furniture, a Pottery Barn table and one other table I found online that we liked:



We didn’t have enough of either type of wood to make the entire table and two benches out of one type of wood. So we had to mix it up a little bit. We decided to do the top of the table with the maple, stained to match our kitchen cabinets. Then we decided to do the under part of the table and the benches in mahogany, stained black. We will have to buy two chairs, but we want to see how the benches look before we buy chairs.

So two weeks ago Matt finished gluing all of the pieces for the top of the table together. Then last Saturday, after a fun trip to Woodcraft, we were able to sand the top until it was nice and smooth. Here’s a picture I took last week with my phone:


Not bad, huh!

This weekend we have been doing a lot, and I mean A LOT, of sanding. Matt also used the router to round off all of the edges.


After all of the sanding and routering, Matt put together the pieces. He drilled the holes with a Kreg Jig:


And then screwed all of the pieces together:


 Then I snapped my fingers and this is what appeared….


I wish it was that simple! It’s been a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Matt may not agree at this point….. I did hear him mumble at one point, “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”  🙂

All of the pieces are cut for the benches, too. Once we have those sanded and put together, I’ll post some pictures.

We are going to start staining soon, too. I don’t know much about staining, but I’ve heard horror stories. Just to show how naïve I am, I went to Sherwin Williams in Muskego a few weeks ago and was just going to pick a color from one of the swatches and hope it matched our cabinets. But Carol, the awesome expert there, told me to bring in one of the kitchen cabinet doors and a piece of the maple for the table, and they would match the stains exactly. I knew they could match paints, but I guess I didn’t realize they could match stains. Silly, I know! So that is precisely what we did and true to her word, Carol did a great job of matching the stains:

Carol could tell I was a newbie, because she didn’t let me leave without giving a few more tips and pointers. She also made sure I was armed with a good pair of gloves to use when applying the oil based stain.

So we will see how it goes! Wish us luck!

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