Pillow Piping Practice

I stopped by Jo-Ann’s the other night and there was a sale, which was awesome. I went without my Mom, though, which was not awesome. It took me forever to make any decisions! Which fabric is the best? Is 1 yard enough? Is this a good price? I swear I stood there staring at the green fabrics for 20 minutes! I got some stuff that I’m really excited about, though. One thing I’ve been wanting to try for a while now is piping. So I picked some up and here is the pillow I made:



 I cut out the pieces for the pillow like usual:


Then I used the piping around the edges. I totally just winged it here…


It was really hard for me to sew right next to the bump on the piping. At first I didn’t sew close enough and it looked horrible. I finally figured it out, though, and it turned out pretty good.  


The corners were kind of tricky too. Not to mention, I probably should’ve waited for my Mom so I could get a quick lesson on how to start and stop the piping so it didn’t end up looking like this:


Oops! I think I probably should’ve folded the piping in?? I think this gives it character, though. I’ll keep telling myself that at least….

I picked up a few other things that I am excited about, including this Jelly Roll to do another Pleated Spiral Pillow:


It was originally $12.99. But it was 40% off, so I got it for $7.80

Fun, fun!

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7 Responses to Pillow Piping Practice

  1. would using your zipper foot on your machine help with sewing near the bump?

  2. Jen Novotony says:

    OMG. I think I need to learn how to sew. I can barely sew on a button. And a zipper foot??? WTH is that? Reading your blog at least makes *think* about learning how to do something like this.

    • Haha! I’m still learning too Jen! I took a quick sewing class with one of my Mom’s friend and she was laughing so hard because I didn’t even know which way to face the machine!! My only suggestion is to start with a small project. You can do it!

  3. That is exactly why I shouldn’t attempt new stuff like this without a little help from someone who actually knows how to sew! 🙂 Thanks Amy! I’m definitely going to try that. I also might try where you wrap fabric around the piping. I think that is a neat look!

  4. slimpowell@hotmail.com says:

    If you need a place to store all of your pillows, let me know. My couch os open to you!

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