Kitchen Table and Benches – Finished!

The kitchen table and two benches that Matt made are finished!


Building the table (read about it here) wasn’t bad (according to Matt), but the sanding and finishing was pretty painful. First, we ran into issues because the planer that Matt used wasn’t wide enough to cover the whole table top, so the top wasn’t completely even. We thought it would be okay but after we stained it, the imperfections were a little more noticeable. So we ended up taking the table top to the school where Matt’s Dad teaches, and the two of them were able to use a wide-belt sander to make the top perfectly smooth and even. So problem #1 solved!

The other problem was with the finish. We bought a Sherwin Williams brand finish that was recommended by the store. It went on really thick and there were little air bubbles everywhere. We thought the bubbles would go away with a little sanding, but they didn’t. So Matt sanded off the finish and we tried all over again. We were so careful when we re-applied the finish, but we had bubbles again! So we Matt sanded the whole thing down yet another time. On the next try, we were even more careful and took our time putting on the finish. Well, we must have taken too much time because little jelly-like beads started to gather on the brush and the table. It was so frustrating! So again, Matt sanded the entire table top. At one point Matt threatened to throw the table top in the fire pit! I would’ve cried!

Finally Matt broke down and consulted his parents on the project. They suggested trying a different finish, like MinWax. We followed their suggestion and voila! No problems!


We are both so happy with how the table turned out and we learned so much throughout the process.  I think the next table will go a lot smoother. 🙂

Now I’m on the hunt for two black chairs to use at the ends of the table.


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10 Responses to Kitchen Table and Benches – Finished!

  1. Ashley says:

    Your table looks beautiful! I saw it on pinterest and had to come take a better look. How did you get the top so smooth and shiny? Did you put poly on top of the stain? My husband and I built a table, but we can’t seem to get that smooth and shiny look. Anyways, very nice job!

    • Thanks Ashley! We put a MinWax Polyurethane finish on after we stained. I’ll take a look at the can when I get home to find out exactly which one it is and I’ll let you know. Right now we only have two coats of finish on the table top, so we will have to add a few more coats at some point. We were just excited to get the table in the house! We started with a Sherwin Williams brand finish and we really struggled with it. Once we switched to MinWax, the finish went on very nicely. Let me know how it goes and if you have any other tips or tricks to share! Thanks! Jullia

    • Hi Ashley! I posted pictures of the different finishes we tried. Let me know if you find a finish that works well too. Thanks!

  2. Michelle Raasch says:

    When is the next dinner party?

  3. says:

    How soon is too soon to ask you to build one for me?

  4. Amy S says:

    This is amazing! Great work!

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  6. sue f says:

    Hi…could you tell me where you purchased the benches for your table?


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