Peace Pillow

My niece wanted a peace sign pillow for her birthday, so of course I wanted to make her one. But I wanted to do more than just make a pillow out of peace sign material – I wanted to try something new. So my Mom suggested using fusible web to adhere a peace sign to a pillow case. I knew I would need my Mom’s help with this one, so on Saturday morning we had a little sewing/craft session at her house.

We used this Pellon Wonder Under Fusible Web:


And we ironed the circle for the peace sign onto the fabric:


After some careful math and measuring, I cut out the middle of the peace sign:


Then we peeled off the backing, centered the peace sign on the tye-dye pillow case and ironed it on (with a old, wet t-shirt between the iron and the fabric):


Now comes the tricky part…. For me at least. We wanted to make sure the peace sign stayed put if the pillow needed to be washed. So with some help from my Mom, and some painfully slow sewing, I sewed down the peace sign:


This way, even if the edges peel up, they would just turn into that cool, fringed look. Here is the final pillow:


My niece loved it and it was really fun to make. Now I’m trying to think of other ways to use the Wonder Under Fusible Web… or maybe I just like saying Wonder Under.

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2 Responses to Peace Pillow

  1. Amy S says:

    I have used this to do the same thing with plain white onesies and fun animals/shapes cut out of fabric. Example:

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