Printer Drawer Jewelry Case

Yay! It’s done! Here is the printer drawer that I made into a jewelry display case:


Here is what it looked like before:


First, I cut out a few sections to make a some slots for necklaces and bracelets:


Then I filed down the rough spots:


Here it is after the first coat of paint:


I did a total of two coats of paint and then I used a clear spray finish. For the eye screws and hooks, I originally tried to screw them in by hand, but that was almost impossible. So I used Matt’s drill and a 1/16″ drill bit to pre-drill the holes. I only broke one drill bit! 🙂


I did run in to a few issues along the way. Some of the eye screws poked through the other side and some of the hooks broke through the back:


Ooops! So I ended up filing them down, which was kind of a pain. Just another lesson learned. Here is the whole thing, before hanging it up and adding the jewelry:


Here is the final again:


There are still a few spots left to be filled, so I guess I have to do a little jewelry shopping! 🙂

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One Response to Printer Drawer Jewelry Case

  1. says:

    I would totally buy that, oh wait I did for twice the price! I am so jealous.

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