Couch Cushion Redo

We’ve had our couches for five years now, but after about two years the cushions started to go really flat. They got to the point where we needed help getting up because we sunk down so far. Not to mention, between the two kids, there have been a few spills and accidents on the couches. So this past weekend we decided they were to the point where we needed to do something.

We called the store we bought them from to see about replacing the stuffing, but we were past the warranty and they no longer carried that manufacturer. So we were pretty much out of luck. We called around to some reupholstering places, but the lowest price was $150 per cushion. With five cushions to redo, this seemed like too much money.

So then we considered biting the bullet and buying new couches, preferably leather this time. We did some shopping and had major sticker shock. We just couldn’t justify the cost.

So our DIY mindset kicked in. When we got home from the furniture store, Matt took apart some of the cushions to see how they were put together.

I told him I thought there was similar foam at Jo-Ann’s so we decided to check it out. We bought enough foam, padding and spray glue for one cushion and it worked really well! The best part is it only cost $40! So we went back and got enough materials to replace all of the cushions. Matt got them all done in less than an hour and they are SO much better.

So we were able to redo all of the cushions for $200.

We are happy with the results, even if they only last a year or two…. which might be the case if Nora keeps using them to practice her “gymnastics”. 🙂

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2 Responses to Couch Cushion Redo

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  2. Janna says:

    Would like to have details -what specific type/brand of foam and other products listed did you use? A website link to JoAnn’s would be nice as well because I had never heard of this store. We have Hobby Lobby around here and Michael’s but after googling saw that you could order online from JoAnn’s. But there are so many choices/types of foam. I see you chose the green foam but still would appreciate more specific details. Appreciate the information, regardless! Thank you.

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