Gold Bead and Satin Cord Necklace

Here is my latest jewelry project:

I picked up the gold beads at JoAnn’s. I could’ve gotten the satin cord at JoAnn’s too, but they didn’t have the color I was looking for and I knew I could order it online at So I went online and got this 250 yard spool of 2 mm gold satin cord for $6.50!

It will take me forever to go through 250 yards, but the price was right and I ordered a few other colors while I was at it.

I strung the beads on wire (14.5″ stands) and clamped the ends together with a crimp bead:

Then I measured and cut three 10.5″ strands of the satin cord, so the necklace would be long enough to fit over my head (I didn’t want to deal with a clasp). To connect the satin cord to the beads, I looped the cord around the end of the strands of beads and clamped them together with a bronze split ring:

I originally planned to have a big bead cover each split ring, but the hole of the beads weren’t big enough. I think it looks okay as is, though:

More satin cord necklaces to come……

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2 Responses to Gold Bead and Satin Cord Necklace

  1. Hellopalz says:

    Very nice necklace…

  2. Thanks! I’ve been very inspired by all of the jewelry at the local arts & crafts fairs. So many ideas, not enough time! 🙂

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