DIY Red Beaded Earrings

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had some extra beads left over from my red necklace so I quickly made some matching earrings. I bought a pack of headpins (far left) and earring hooks (middle) from Michael’s. I also invested in a round-nose pliers (available in the jewerly section of Michael’s too) because it works way better than the one from my husband’s toolbox.

First, I put the beads on the head pin. Next, I made a loop in the wire using a round-nose pliers. Then I slid the earring loop up the headpin wire:

Next, using the pliers to hold the earring loop in place, I wrapped the tail of the headpin wire a few times around:

Lastly, I clipped off the excess wire and wrapped the wire as much as possible so it wouldn’t get snagged on anything:

And that’s it…. Not too hard, especially with the round-nose pliers.

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1 Response to DIY Red Beaded Earrings

  1. Amy S says:

    These are awesome and look easy! My mom makes jewelry all the time but that is something I have not attempted. Thanks for your message on my blog – seriously we should have a crafting get together soon!!

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