DIY Sweater Bangles

Another great idea I got from Pinterest….. bangles covered with sweater material:

I consider this project a moderate success. I like them, but I probably won’t wear them because they are just too big for my style. So I’m going to look for smaller bangles or bracelets and try this again. Here is how I made them, though…..

I bought these sweaters from Goodwill (these were $2.50 each), because I didn’t have a sweater of my own that I was willing to sacrifice for this project. Then I bought the bangles from Michael’s.


First, I cut about a 2 1/2″ x 11″ strip of the sweater:

Then, using my trusty hot glue gun, I wrapped the strip of material around the bangle and glued the edges to the inside:

When I got to the end, I used hot glue on the seam and cut off any access sweater material.

I like them but like I mentioned, they are just too big for me. Epecially because I want to wear more than one at once. More to come….

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