Halloween Cricut Cutter Crafts

This Halloween my sister and I went kind of crazy with her Cricut and Sizzix cutters. Spiders, mice and bats…. oh my!

Here are the spiders that Kathy cut out and put ALL down her hallway:


These are so easy to do with the Cricut cutter. You put the vinyl in the Cricut cutter, select the spider image, choose the size and hit start…. then it just cuts it all for you. Perhaps the best tip for anyone using vinyl with the Cricut cutter, or any cutter for that matter, is to buy the vinyl online! At Jo’Ann’s it’s about $11 for a 2 foot roll of vinyl, but on ebay you can can get a 50 foot roll of vinyl for around $13!! It’s a no-brainer if you ask me!

Here are some mice we cut out and put randomly around the house – on door frames, stairs, everywhere!

Kathy added these little masks to some of their family photos… haha!

This is another cute one… Kathy cut out the words “Boil boil toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble” and put it on the soffit above the kitchen cabinets (I only had a cell phone pic… sorry!).

Then my favorite…. the bat wall!

Kathy also made me some witches and bats out of cardstock, then used gluedots to attach them to clothes pins for hanging…. genius!



If Kathy didn’t already have a Cricut cutter (that I can use whenever I want :)) I would definitely go out and buy one. There are so many fun and easy things you can do, especially for the holidays. We are already brainstorming for Christmas!

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  1. CVu Gweedore says:

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