DIY Onesies

I’ve made shirts in the past using printable iron transfer sheets here, but they did’t hold up very well at all. So recently I attempted to make some onesies using fabric and fusible web sheets (Lite Steam-A-Seam 2, available at Jo-Ann’s). They turned out well and they are definitely more durable. Here is the fabric I used for my first attempt:


One thing I learned, though, is that not all onesies are the same. I will NOT use Gerber onesies for a project like this again. They are just too thin. For my second time making them, I used Carter’s Precious Firsts onesies from Target and they worked a lot better. They are just better quality. I also found a cute flannel, ocean-themed fabric from Ben Franklin Crafts that worked a little better because it was a little thicker:



I love that one! I have one more that I made, which is actually my favorite, but I have to upload the pictures yet. Stay tuned…..

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One Response to DIY Onesies

  1. Amy S says:

    I second the use of the Carter’s Precious Firsts onesies for a project like this. We did this as the activity at a friend’s baby shower and I bought those onesies and the mom said they washed very well and were generously sized.

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