Christmas Stockings

Wow, where has December gone! I can’t believe Christmas is this weekend already. I’ve been working on a few miscellaneous projects, I just haven’t been very good about blogging…. 😦  One project I finished was our new Christmas stockings. Now that the girls are getting older, I thought it was about time we replaced our $3 Walgreen’s stocking that had our names written on them with a permanent marker. They were pretty pathetic. With a lot of help from my Mom, here is what we came up with:

Below is a picture from St. Nick’s. This was before I put the pom poms on and I kind of like them without….. so maybe I’ll end up taking them off:

I still have to add fabric to hang them with, but we don’t have a fireplace to hang them on so I’m not really in a rush. 🙂

Going into this project, I had every intention of doing a step by step tutorial. Half way through, though, I realized it was going to be a disaster and I gave up on that idea. I honestly made so many mistakes along the way! Not to mention it was so confusing with turning the fabric inside out and then right side out, then inside out again. Then we decided to do the embroidery on the cuff and that caused all sorts of problems. There were so many times where my Mom and I just sat in silence staring at the cut out fabrics, trying to figure out how to approach the next step. In the end, we figured it out, though.

If you are looking for a good stocking tutorial, I would just recommend this one from Cluck Cluck Sew. It does make me feel a little better knowing that she thought it was a confusing process as well.

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