Dyeing Onesies with Rit Fabric Dye

My sister just had a baby boy Charles, or Charlie, and of course I wanted to make him something! So using what materials I had around the house, I came up with this little guy:

I had dyed the onesie awhile back, just because I wanted to try it out. Then when Charlie was born, I decided to cut “Charles in Charge” letters out of felt (which was painful and involved a little swearing). I used fusible web to adhere the letters and then sewed around the edges as well.

Dyeing the onesie was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to dye more things! I used Rit Liquid Dye from Jo-Ann’s:

I bought it intending to use it in the wash machine, but there was one small problem…..the first line of directions says “Fill washer with hottest water safe for fabric” and we have a front loading washer. So I ended up using the “Sink Dyeing” instructions, which made me really nervous. It ended up being fine, though, especially because our sink is dark gray/black.

So I filled up the sink with really hot water (I even boiled some water and added it to make it extra hot), added 1/2 bottle of the dye and added four Carter’s Precious Firsts onesies (Target):

After about a half hour of stirring, I rinsed the onesies and washed them:

If you look closely, there are a few streaks, but overall the color was really even. I love how the stitching and buttons stayed white. I’ve since picked up a bottle of pink and purple Rit Dye to make some stuff for the girls. Should be fun!

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