My First Table Runner

Most people who know me, know that my Mom is a talented quilter. With her help, I’ve started a few quilts in the past, but I’ve never finished one. I usually get bored or frustrated about halfway through and then stop.  So my Mom suggested a smaller project, like a table runner, which was a great idea.

So I bought a Scrappy Charming Pinwheels table runner pattern and fabric kit from Village Creek Quilts in Lodi, WI. The fabric collection is called Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda (I love Moda fabrics!). Here is a picture of the entire collection:

And here is how my table runner turned out (with a little cell phone photo help from Instagram):


For any first-timers interested in doing a project like this, fabric kits are really nice. They include just enough of each coordinated fabric to make the pattern. This kit also included fabric for the binding and backing (it seems like a lot of quilt kits sell the backing separately). The kit makes the project less overwhelming.

When I don’t have the table runner on the table, it also looks nice on the quilt ladder Matt made me:


Maybe after one or two more table runners I will be more inclined to tackle, and finish, a quilt!

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