Cedar Deer Feeder

I just wanted to do a quick post of my husband’s latest project, a cedar deer feeder:

He made one for my parents’ house and one for our house. Pretty cool, huh!

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Yellow Chevron Fabric

I finally found some chevron fabric! My Mom and Amy will appreciate this, because they know I have been on a quest for chevron fabric for a few weeks now. JoAnn’s doesn’t carry any and everything online is either sold out, on back order or really expensive. Not to mention, I’m kind of chicken when it comes to buying fabric online…. especially when it is $18/yard! But seriously, how cute are these fabrics:

And look at some of the cute things you can make….


So back to my story….. this morning Nora and I were wandering through the fabrics at JoAnn’s when a girl walked by with this awesome, yellow chevron home deco fabric in her shopping cart. Before I could even stop myself, I blurted out, “Oh my gosh…. WHERE did you find that!?!” Lucky for me, she didn’t think I was some crazy stranger… in fact, I think she appreciated my enthusiasm and she was happy to share the details! She said she found it at Hancock Fabric and that they only had it yellow and only in home deco fabric. I asked her what she was going to use it for and she showed me a picture of the couch pillows she was going to make. We had a great conversation right there in the middle of JoAnn’s.

Needless to say, Nora and I left JoAnn’s pretty quickly and headed over to Hancock. Before going in I pulled up a coupon on my phone for 40% off one regular priced piece of fabric, but I didn’t even need it because the home deco fabrics were 50% off!!! The yellow chevron was originally priced at $17.98/yard and there was a little over 2 yards of fabric left, so I bought it all. The total was  $19.67 (2 yards at $8.99/yard and then because I finished off the bolt, I got the last .375 yards for $1.69). Here is a picture, although it doesn’t do it justice because it is with my phone camera:

I’m thinking I’m going to make curtains for the kitchen. It might be kind of bold, but at least curtains are easy to make so I can change it up if I get sick of the chevron. I’m happy with my purchase, can you tell!?! 🙂

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Atkinson Designs Lollipop Bags

A few weeks ago my Mom and I spent a fun afternoon together at a local quilt show. I like going with her because she knows most of the vendors and she knows what is a good deal or not….. and, I’m not going to lie, she usually buys me a thing or two. 🙂

I picked up this cute pattern by Atkinson Designs for their Lollipop Bags:


I figured this was a quick and easy project that would help me practice putting in zippers. So far I’ve only made the small bag because I need to pick up another D ring with a swivel hook. Here is how it turned out:


The finished size of the small bag is 4″ x 8 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ and the supplies needed are minimal:

    • 1 fat quarter of fabric one
    • 1 fat quarter of fabric two (contrast fabric)
    • 1/4 yard of fusible fleece
    • 14″ zipper
    • 3/4″ D ring with swivel hook

Cute, huh! Nora has already confiscated it and she even took it to school for show and tell. 🙂

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St. Patrick’s Day Skirt

I was in denial for a while, but about a month ago I unfortunately realized how much money I’ve been spending at Jo-Ann’s and Michael’s. Those darn coupons! Every time I get one I feel like I have to go buy something! Then, just like at Target, I end up buying way more than what I originally went to the store for. I’m sure a lot of you can relate! So I’ve been trying to scale back my spending a little, which has been a challenge. I came up with a penny pinching solution, though, which is to go “shopping” at my Mom’s house! She has a great sewing room and an incredible collection of fabrics. Here’s a glimpse at just some of her fabrics:

She’s probably going to hate me for posting that! 🙂 She is so generous too – she lets me just go through and pick whatever fabrics, batting and thread I want. I’m so spoiled!

When I was there a few weeks ago, she hadn’t brought out her St. Patrick’s Day fabrics yet from the basement (yes, she also has several bins of fabric in the basement 🙂 ). I was impatient and wanted to get started on a skirt for Nora right away, so I picked out some different green patterns she had that weren’t necessarily shamrocks or St. Paddy’s Day themed. I made the exact same skirt as last time, but for some reason this one turned out way too poofy. Maybe it was because the polka dot fabric was kind of stiff? Or maybe it was because I didn’t pre-wash the fabric? Yes, I admit it, sometimes I’m lazy and I don’t pre-wash.  Either way, I’ve had the poofy skirt done for a few weeks now, knowing I needed to fix it, but there is sat on my sewing table. Then last night, I realized Nora had her St. Patrick’s Day party at school today so I finally bit the bullet and quickly took in the sides a little bit a lot. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! It turned out pretty good all things considered:

I love the combination of clothes she puts together. Green matches green…. it doesn’t matter the shade! She’s also obsessed with her cowboy boots right now, so cute! Luckily her skirt held up through the day and didn’t unravel at the seams. We’ll see how, and if, it holds up with washing now.

My Mom actually made both girls St. Patrick’s Day skirts too, but from shamrock material. She was making skirts for all of her other granddaughters, so what’s two more right?! 🙂 She is giving them to the girls on Saturday when we are at their house for corned beef and cabbage and the local St. Patrick’s Day parade. I’ll post pics. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

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Skirt Gathering Technique – Using Dental Floss

Here is the skirt I made for Vivian using the same Burda pattern as Nora’s.

Viv’s skirt isn’t as full because I was a little short on material (I wanted to use fabric I already had at home 🙂 ). Luckily it still worked out!

To gather the skirt, I used a quick and easy technique my Mom taught me using dental floss! Maybe it’s my lack of sewing experience, but any time I’ve tried to do gathering in the past, with thread, it was a pain…. literally! Pulling the thread is hard and it cuts into your skin. I was also lucky if the thread didn’t break or get stuck. So this way was a lot easier!

Skirt Gathering Using Dental Floss

First, I secured one end of the floss to the inside of the skirt, using my sewing machine:

I even tied a little knot to make sure the floss stayed fixed in place. Then, using a zig zag stitch, I sewed over the dental floss. I did this around the entire inside of the skirt. I was very careful to stitch over the floss, making sure not t0 catch it:

Once I got to the end, I was able to pull the floss, gathering the material of the skirt. Because the floss is smooth and wax coated, it slid through the zig zag stitch really easily:

From there, I continued with the instructions on the pattern. Thanks for the tip Mom!

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Burda Kids Skirt

I finished my first skirt and I think I’ll stick to sewing skirts, as opposed to dresses, for the time being.  🙂 I bought this Burda skirt pattern at Jo-Ann’s because it was cheap and looked pretty simple:

Of course I couldn’t do the simpler of the two patterns, I had to do the double layer skirt. It wasn’t hard, though. Here’s how it turned out:

Do you like the Cabela’s skunk shirt that Nora picked out to go with it?! She cracks me up.

I made a similar skirt for Vivian using a slick gathering technique (using dental floss!) that my Mom taught me. I’ll post a quick tutorial in the next day or two.  Have a good weekend everyone!

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Valentine’s Day 3T Dress

I made my first piece of clothing – a Valentine’s Day dress for Nora! The whole project was quite comical, to say the least. The final dress, from a distance, looks pretty good:


It’s when you look up close, or turn it inside out, that you see all of the problem areas! 🙂 I got the Quick Sew dress pattern from Hancock Fabric and directions were just okay (I’ll blame it on the directions, not my lack of experience or sewing skills 🙂 ).

I’m just used to Amy Butler patterns, where the instructions are very detailed and very good. So let’s just say that the seam ripper was my friend/enemy during this project. 🙂

Here is a close up of the zipper which looks horrible, especially at the top:

Luckily it works, though. Here is an even closer look at my nice, straight stitch next to the zipper…

Haha! It’s honestly so bad. The zipper was so much harder than I thought it would be! I definitely need to practice.

Then here is a picture of the seam that runs right down the front of the bottom part of the dress:

That seam is not supposed to be there! I missed the instructions to “cut on the fold” and I didn’t have extra material to cut a new piece. Luckily the fabric pattern and pleats hide the seam. Another lesson learned! 🙂

I think it will be a while before I do another dress. Instead I’m going to work on some skirts, which are a little easier and less time consuming.

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Amy Butler Frenchy Handbag #2

I’ve had the material cut for this purse for a few weeks now, but I finally sewed everything together last night and tonight:


Side 1

Side 2

This time I used home decorating fabric (from Hancock Fabric) and it worked really well. Home dec fabric is thick so you don’t have to use any interfacing, which is awesome! There are so many great fabrics to choose from too. Unless I find a mid-weight fabric I can’t resist, I think I’m going to stick to home dec fabric for future purses.

Here is a picture of the inside, with the pockets and magnetic snaps:

I’m on the hunt now for new purse patterns. Or maybe I’ll make a simple zip wallet (a la Pinterest)??

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Amy Butler Frenchy Handbag

Here are the fabrics for my Amy Butler Frenchy Handbag:

The sewing pattern came with two patterns – one for a shoulder bag and one for a handbag. I decided to go with the handbag because it was smaller… and therefore easier to make??? 🙂 I was worried about the straps/handles being a little short, though, so I made those a little longer. Here is everything cut out, ready to sew:

And here is the final product…….

Ta Da! I love how it turned out! This purse went so much faster and smoother than the last one, too. Hopefully it keeps getting easier. Next up, another Frenchy Hangbag out of home decorating fabric and then a dress for Nora. 🙂

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Amy Butler Birdie Sling Purse

I made my first purse!!! I bought an Amy Butler Birdie Sling Purse pattern and Moda fabric for a great little quilting shop called Village Creek Quilts, in Lodi, WI. Here is how it turned out:

Since it was my first time making a purse, it was a slow and painful process. I learned so much, though, and I really got to test out my new sewing machine! I have a whole new appreciation for hand made purses, that’s for sure. I had no idea it would take so much time to cut everything out, press the fabric, attach the interfacing…. on and on.

My Mom and sister stopped at the same shop this past weekend, so they picked me up another purse pattern. So I already have the fabric cut and ready to sew for this Amy Butler Frenchy Handbag:

I’m also considering making one (or two) of these Honey Bun Poufs:

My husband is thrilled with my new sewing obsession, let me tell ya!  🙂 I know the obsession will fade, but right now I’m really enjoying it.

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